Cap-in Flat Knob S

Cap-in Flat Knob S

Cap-in Flat Knob S Discontinued

Light knob with special color knob cap

Cap-in Flat Knob S is the new version of the Flat Knob S. Still as light as it was (3.3 grams), we added the special color knob cap in order to avoid materials including salt getting inside.

Available in Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold


Product CodeWeightColorPcs/PkgPrice (excl. Tax)
Cap-in Flat Knob S Discontinued3.3gR B P S G1¥2,200
* Color: R = Red, B = Blue, P = Purple, S = Silver, G = Gold


Product CodeMain Suitable Models
Cap-in Flat Knob S Discontinued
  • - Shimano (All A changeable knobs except T-shaped knobs)
  • - Daiwa (All S-sized knobs)
  • - ZPI (All except handles for ABU without knobs)*
  • *NOT suitable for ZPI handle for REVO (with “R” at the end of the product code).

    Package Contents

    Product CodePackage Contents
    Cap-in Flat Knob S Discontinued
  • - Knob with cap: 1
  • - 0.2 milimeter shim for knob adjustment: 1
  • - Replacement tool: 1
  • - Collar for Shimano (flat): 1
  • - Collar for Daiwa (thick): 1
  • * For complete suitable models list, download the SUITABILITY pdf.
    * If you have any questions, please contact us.