Bearing Pulley for MotorGuide Tour

Motor Guide Bearing Pulley

ZPI Bearing Pulley for MotorGuide "Tour"

Our new pedal wire pulley, specially designed for the MotorGuide Tour / Middle+Latest Model is available now! Pulley is used as bearings for catching wire to control a foot pedal more smoothly.

Avoid troubles

Some typical problems with the "Tour" Middle model, such as unexpected falling-off of wire from pulley and/or of deformation of the pulley's center hole etc., can be avoided and so your wire and pulley can become more durable than before.

Less load for Pulley

Not Suitable for "Tour" initial model (below)

Q: How to recognize whether yours is its initial edition or not?

Check the Rear side of its foot-pedals. Characteristics of initial models are:
- Pulley is made from black resin and fixed with a nut with shaft and a cross slot screw
- Wired obliquely


- NOT SUITABLE for the Tour model initial edition: the Pulley is fixed by a nut with shaft and a cross slot screw.
- Special tools are required for its mounting. Setting at a specialty store etc.for this item would be recommended.
- Adjust and keep appropriate tension for its wire. If its tension can be too loose or too tight, it can cause falling out or breaking of wire.
- Every damage or problem its Trolling motor caused by wrong installation is out of our responsibilities.
- Even though the model is appropriate for mounting this item, there can be some cases that any processing is needed for its installation due to the individual differences of Trolling motors.
- We don't offer any support for its installation.

Differences between MotoGuide Tour models

ModelInstallableNOT installable
MotorGuide TourLateMiddleEarly
Pulley CharacteristicsMetal pulley, cap bolt only, fixed onto the pedal directly Metal pulley, cap bolt only, fixed onto the pedal directly Black resin pulley, fixed with a nut with shaft and a cross slot screw
Backside of foot pedalStraight WireStraight WireSkewed Wire


Product CodePcs/PkgPrice (excl. Tax)
PL-MG01 2¥3,600
* If you have any questions, please contact us.