What is NRC?

New Racing Concept (NRC) was established to atomize spool in order to enable using different line capacities of the spool, depending on the scene and tackle balance. The spool needs to be light and the brake setting needs to be fine in order to enable different casting styles with one reel. The high rigidity and super light spool combined with the special brake unit and cam lifter enables the well controlled casting course. Experience the innovated spool on your own.


The heavy line spool for 13 REVO is here! With this NRC923HD, you can use nylon or fluoro line over 20 lb and PE 4-5 lines with this high-rigid spool! Perfect for the big bait power game!

Available in Red, Blue, Purple.

ZPI Brake Unit and SiC-BB are also included!


Product CodeColorWeightLine Capacity (Max)Price (excl. Tax)
NRC923HDRR LB VO6.0 gPE#5: 70 m
Fluoro 20 lb: 70 m
Nylon 20 lb: 70 m
* Color: RR = Racing Red, LB = Legend Blue, VO = Violet


Product CodeMain Suitable Models
NRC923HD13REVO Aurora Elite 8.7/Power Crank 6.5/Big Shooter Compact/3SX; 15REVO Aurora

Package Contents

Product CodePackage Contents
NRC923HD- Spool x1
- Magnetic brake unit x1 (with 14 magnets)
- Special cam lifter x1
- Holder spring x2
- BOUSEI (corrossion-protected) SiC-BB kit (x1, pre-installed in the spool)
- Instruction manual (Japanese)

* For complete suitable models list, download the SUITABILITY pdf.
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