Pro Spec Magnetic Tune Kit

Pro Spec Magnetic Tune Kit

Pro Spec Magnetic Tune Kit

Pro Spec Magnetic Tune Kit is a brake system developed with enormous amount of practical examinations to fulfill the demands of the top tournament players. Its high performance is beyond comparison and can be used in wide range of situations from top tournaments to bank fishing.

Magnet Holder

Up to 14 pieces of the ZPI’s strong Neozim magnets can be applied to the Pro-spec Mag Tune Kit. You can also apply the Set-up Neozim sold separately (see below) and change the numbers and strength of the magnet.

Special Cum Lifter

This brake cum lifter enables the high performance casting with lure in various weight range. Since this is specially designed to use with the special magnet holder, you can optimize the performance using both of these together.

Magnetic Flux Ring

In order to maximize the performance of the strong Neozim magnets, We have applied the special magnetic flux ring in the opposite side of the magnet’s spool. This flux ring makes the magnetic force work to the brake rotor of the spool efficiently to enable the stable brake performance.


Product CodeNumber of MagnetsSuitable ModelsPrice (excl. Tax)
Pro Spec Mag Tune Kit#15 x 14Abu Garcia: REVO LTZ, LTX, LT / 13 REVO Power Crank 5, 6 / 13 REVO Big Shooter Compact¥4,700

Package Contents

Product CodePackage Contents
Pro Spec Mag Tune Kit - Special magnet holder (with 14 pcs Neozim magnets)
- Special cum lifter

* For complete suitable models list, download the SUITABILITY pdf.
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