ZPI Sticker

ZPI Sticker

Show that you use ZPI

With ZPI logo goods, you can make it “public” that you customize your fishing products with ZPI.

3D hologram sticker is Available in: Red, Blue, Purple

Decal sticker is available in 2 sizes: Large and Medium

Large is suitable for boat and automobile.

Medium is suitable for automobile and tackle box.


Product CodeColorPcs/PkgPrice (excl. Tax)
3D Hologram StickerR B P4¥900
Color: R = Red, B = Blue, P = Purple
Product CodeSizePcs/PkgPrice (excl. Tax)
Decal Sticker L400mm x 191mm1¥1,600
Decal Sticker M210mm x 100mm1¥1,200

* For complete suitable models list, download the SUITABILITY pdf.
* If you have any questions, please contact us.